Your Hosts

Daniel & Emily


Daniel is a true Galtürer and cannot count how many generations of his family have lived here. His parents Sonja and Gotthard opened the Galtürerhof in 1984, and he grew up in this hotel. He is a qualified chef and has spent many seasons working in the Galtürerhof and other kitchens in Tyrol and across Europe. Daniel is also qualified as a ski guide & instructor at the highest level in the Austrian system and works for his own company the Silvretta Guides, as well as a registered Mountain Hiking Guide (Bergwanderführer). His work as a ski instructor has taken him around the world, including to Australia and New Zealand where he met and married his wife Emily. 

Emily is from New Zealand, and brings a fresh, international perspective and a strong focus on the guest experience. 


Galtür is surrounded by rugged, pristine beauty and we are committed to preserving it. In this spirit we do our best to minimise our impact on the environment. We currently do this by: 

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle wherever possible
  • Participating in the community recycling program
  • Minimising food waste in the kitchen
  • Working to reduce plastics in our kitchen and hotel, especially single-use plastics
  • Buying local and working with suppliers with a sustainable ethos
  • Using environmentally friendly cleaning products 

As we build our business and improve our offerings to our guests we are commited to selecting the most environmentally sustainable options wherever possible. 

Hotel Galtür - The Galtürerhof