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Yoga, Meditation and Nature Retreat in the Mountains 17-22 July 2022

  • 5 overnight stays with full board
  • 11 x yoga / meditation 
  • 3 x workshops: Ayurveda, essential oils, mountain herbs
  • Guided hike
  • Sufficient time for yourself
  • Delicious & healthy vegetarian menu (vegan on request)
  • Yoga with Kim, hosted by Emily & Daniel
  • From €1000 per person

Info on yoga, activities, accommodation & meals

Yoga and meditation

The yoga classes at the retreat are a mix of powerful hatha flow classes, meditation and quieter styles of yoga. Each class helps you to get closer to yourself and to consciously connect with your body and breath. 

We have structured the yoga and meditation sessions in coordination with the activities so that you can both enjoy feeling your power and completely switch off each day.

The active hours energise, stabilise and mobilise body and mind. We strengthen the spine and all our muscles. With longer held stretches, we specifically open up different areas of our body.

About Kim

Kim is a freelance yoga teacher and cultural manager. 

The joy of yoga (on and off the mat) and her yoga practice have been a constant in Kim's life for 15 years.

In her yoga practice, she finds the opportunity to find herself anew every day. She wants to share this beautiful feeling with others. She completed her two-year training (600+ hours) with Helen Meyer in 2019. Kim teaches in two Berlin yoga studios and in nature. 

In her classes she creates sequences that connect body and mind. Sometimes dynamically flowing, sometimes calm and powerful - always loving and aligned.

"Yoga for me is a moment of arrival. Find peace in wild moments to be able to face life with clarity and ease."

Herb excursion with Rosmarie

Many native herbs can be found in the fascinating, unique and breathtaking mountain scenery of Galtür. Wild thyme, mountain yarrow, mountain brook cress and alpine wild garlic grow here, for example. Rosmarie is a true expert when it comes to alpine herbs, their identification and effects. She accompanies us on an exciting and informative walk during which we will also collect herbs. We will learn a lot of interesting facts about the use of herbs in the kitchen and as a support for health and fitness.

Breathe with the Forest" workshop

Trees have existed on our planet for about 360 million years. For as long as humans have existed, there has been a close connection between humans and trees. In the workshop you will learn how trees affect us and can facilitate our breathing. You will get a deep insight into the essential oils of fir trees.  The workshop consists of a theoretical and a practical part.  Learn how to find and extract essential oils from trees, what ingredients they have and how they can be used. We will also look at their effects and uses in both the theoretical and practical parts.  We play with our sense of smell and deal with different breathing techniques. Afterwards, we will mix our own oils into great products that you can take home: an inhalation oil, a roll-on that helps against hay fever, a salt scrub and a pleasant room spray.


Our rooms and flats are warm, cosy, quiet and offer all amenities for a comfortable holiday in the Alpine paradise of Galtür. The style is distinctly Austrian with solid walls, wooden elements and high-quality furniture.
For those travelling alone, we offer two single rooms. In addition, there is the possibility to book a double room for single use for a small surcharge.
Occupancy in groups of 3 or 4 is also possible. Please contact us if you have any questions or requests regarding accommodation. We love yoga and are therefore very flexible!